Check out the Latest Accessories for Top-Notch Pressure Washers


Check out the Latest Accessories for Top-Notch Pressure Washers

Check out the Latest Accessories for Top-Notch Pressure Washers

At Geyser Equipment, we are not only proud to offer top-notch pressure washers, but we offer a wide range of other products and pressure washer accessories. Keep reading to learn more about them and then contact us at 951-509-9269 if you have questions about our products.

Water Treatment Options

It does not matter what type of industrial water cleaning you are involved in, there is going to be wastewater – it’s simply part of the business. It may or may not be safe – or legal – to let it run into the landscape or sewer. It all depends on what’s in the water. The good news is that at Geyser Equipment we offer a number of water treatment options.

If you want to capture and extract wastewater, so you have total control of when and where it is disposed of, then a water recovery tool may be the best option for you. If you want to collect the wastewater, separate out any oil or particles, and be able to reuse it for additional jobs, you may want a water recycler. Finally, if you want to skip expensive disposal fees and just dump your waster water down the drain, a water evaporator can allow you to do so in an eco-friendly and legal way.

Graffiti Removal Products

You will be hard-pressed to find a business owner who wants someone putting graffiti on their building, yet it is all too common. If you are in the industrial cleaning business and work with buildings that have graffiti, you will appreciate the two options we offer.

First, there is World’s Best, who has a graffiti removal system that includes everything needed to get rid of graffiti from almost any surface. This is a quick, safe, eco-friendly option. There’s also Sand Blasters, which use carbide nozzles with baking soda or sand to turn a regular pressure washer into a sandblaster. Talk to Geyser Equipment to find out which options are best for your needs.

We Offer Custom Trailers to Exactly Meet Your Needs

Once you have made an investment into the best pressure washers in the business, you want to ensure that you have a safe place to store them and a secure way to move them from place to place. We suggest a custom trailer. This will protect your equipment from damage, make it easy to access whatever you need, and will provide a clean, professional look that your clients will be impressed by.

We have been working many years at designing and building these types of custom trailers. We focus on creating durable trailers that are well constructed and that meet your needs. If you are ready to learn more about this and other features for your pressure washer, contact Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269.