Do You Have Questions About Power Washers? We Have the Answers You Need


Do You Have Questions About Power Washers? We Have the Answers You Need

Do You Have Questions About Power Washers? We Have the Answers You Need

Whether you’re thinking about getting a water pressure washer and aren’t sure whether you should go with a hot or cold water option, or you already know you want a hot water option but have questions, you’ll appreciate the answers to some of the most common queries we hear. Then call Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269 to learn more about the hot water pressure washers that are available.

How do pressure washers with hot water work?

Let us begin by looking at the science underlying these items. On its own, hot water is a powerful cleanser. When you use high pressure, the surface tension of the water is able to penetrate the molecules of oil, filth, and other debris. This makes cleaning easier and more efficient.

Heat, agitation, and soap are the three components that make a hot water pressure system operate. Heat causes a high-speed molecular activity, which makes the cleaning agent more active and lowers the water’s surface tension, making it simpler to get to the molecular level. Agitation, which in this case refers to the impact of water pressure on the surface being cleaned, is essentially the same as rubbing the water to remove other residues.

In most water pressure washers, the soap, which is technically detergent, is a chemical that can break down the binding between the surface you’re cleaning and the filth that’s sticking to it. Detergents typically contain softening agents, which help to emulsify oil and grease for easy removal.

Do I require hot water or will I have to make do with cold water?

The simplest approach to think about this is to think about what you’ll be cleaning. You’ll need the extra cleaning power of hot water if you’re cleaning anything with oil or grease, such as engines, vehicle components, or the floor of a fast food restaurant. If you use cold water in your kitchen sink, it will merely push the oil around, but hot water will melt it.

However, if you want to use your water heater to clean dirt, remove paint, blast away sand, or conduct other non-oil-related tasks, a cold water pressure is likely to enough – especially if you use the correct cleaning chemical. However, anything that can be cleaned with cold water may be cleaned more quickly and effectively with hot water.

What should I look for in a hot water pressure washer

Geyser Equipment can be reached at 951-509-9269. This is our area of expertise, and we know how to assist you in locating exactly what you’re searching for. We have a wide choice of alternatives available, including both hot and cold water pressure washers, and we’re ready to help.