Do You Need Extra Cleaning Power? Consider a Sand Blaster


Do You Need Extra Cleaning Power? Consider a Sand Blaster

Do You Need Extra Cleaning Power? Consider a Sand Blaster

If you have a commercial or residential building that is constantly being tagged with graffiti then you do not need us to tell you how frustrating this can be. If you own a business that involves graffiti removal, then you know how time consuming it can be. The good news about your bad situation is there are tools out there that can make a big difference.

Keep reading to learn about sand blasters and how they can help with graffiti removal. If you have questions about these products just give Geyser Equipment a call at 951-509-9269. If you want buy these or other pressure washer products, we are the best choice.

There is nothing that can beat abrasion

The reason people use industrial pressure washers to get rid of graffiti is that they do a good job. If you are removing graffiti once, or even once in a while, then a product doing a good job at it is likely enough. However, if you have to commonly clean graffiti then you need more than a “good job.” You need an impressive amount of power.

This is where abrasion comes in. When you add abrasion to the already-powerful industrial power washer, you may be shocked at how effective it can be at getting rid of even the hardest graffiti stains. If you already have a pressure washer then we can simply offer you the accessories that can instantly turn it into a sand blaster.

Turning your pressure washer into a sand blaster is easy

The process is actually easier than you may think. First, buy the products you need from us. Then you will need only do a quick couple on the carbide nozzle, then drop the probe into a media source, and you have yourself an extremely high-powered graffiti removal system. The options we offer are compatible with several blasting products including baking soda, dry silica sand, and washed and dried river sand.

Why is sand blasting the best option?

Not only is it powerful, but sandblasting is an entirely dust-free solution. The products we sell can be attached to both hot and cold water pressure washers. The resulting high pressure spray and whatever you add to it results in cleaning power so strong that it could strip paint off of concrete. Our products also include safety features to ensure the safety of you and those around you. To find out more, reach out at 951-509-9269 or Geyser Equipment.