Five Steps to Get Your Building Ready for Pressure Washing


Five Steps to Get Your Building Ready for Pressure Washing

Five Steps to Get Your Building Ready for Pressure Washing

Are you about to begin pressure washing the exterior of your home or business structure? To improve your home’s curb appeal, do you want to eliminate some stains and eyesores? One of the quickest and best ways to maintain the cleanliness and appeal of your building’s exterior surfaces over time is pressure washing. You should take the following actions to get your building ready for pressure washing.

Put on the Proper Clothes

To protect your eyes, skin, and body from the potential risks of a pressure washer, it is crucial to dress and equip yourself properly. Water released by pressure washers is so fast-moving that it can pierce human skin. You should therefore dress for the job in long pants and closed-toed shoes. Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes in case water sprays up into your face.

Examine the Surface

Examine the surface you plan to clean in more detail. Do you see any holes or cracks in the wood, bricks, or pavement? If so, before you start pressure washing, you must patch or fix these problems. When water seeps into these spaces, it may result in internal rot and decay, which may weaken the structure.

Check a Tiny Area

When you first begin, test a small hidden area or out of the way. You can practice the correct amount of pressure, distance, and technique to apply when pressure washing by doing this first. It will be helpful to know this when performing the test strip in a concealed area rather than when performing the most obvious part of the surface first in case you discover that you are using the incorrect nozzle.

Utilize the Correct Cleaners

Spend some time finding the best cleaners or detergents to use on your surface. To preserve and protect the surface material, specific detergents are needed for wood, concrete, brick, vinyl, and other surface materials. By doing your research, you can prevent any damage to the material that might result in stains or unsightly blemishes.

First, Rinse With Water

The surface should always be rinsed with just water before using any detergents. This will coat the area and get it ready for the subsequent cleaning procedure. Additionally, it will guarantee that the detergent won’t be too concentrated in one place, which could cause staining.

These are a few measures you can take to get your surface and your building ready for a safe and effective pressure-washing job.

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