Follow These 4 Safety Tips to Properly Mix Chemicals for Your Pressure Washer


Follow These 4 Safety Tips to Properly Mix Chemicals for Your Pressure Washer

Follow These 4 Safety Tips to Properly Mix Chemicals for Your Pressure Washer

Chemicals are not always needed with pressure washers. In fact, when you use a hot water pressure washer, it is often enough to get the job done on its own. That said, this is not always the case. If you do need chemicals to get the job done right, we recommend following these four safety tips. Keep reading to learn about them, then contact Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269 if you need help selecting the right pressure washer or water recovery system.

  1. Mix Your Chemicals Correctly
  2. If the chemicals you are using with your pressure washer are water soluble, make sure that you do not start the chemical injector until you have given them enough time to dissolve. If you try to get them to dissolve and they don’t seem to want to cooperate, try using hot water. However, once it does dissolve, do not use the pressure washer until the hot water has cooled. Some hoses are not rated to work at hot temperatures.

  3. Keep Your Skin and Eyes Covered when Using Chemicals
  4. The standard measurement used to test acidity and alkalinity of substances is called pH. Consider that human skin has a pH value of 5. Water has a pH value of 7. Most chemicals that will be used in pressure washers are going to be at least 11 pH if not higher. As a result, they can easily damage your skin if you are not protected. Wear gloves. Wear eye gear. To do not allow chemicals to come into direct contact with your eyes or skin.

  5. Make Use of an Electronic Descaler if Necessary
  6. If you are using hard water, it will make the chemicals in your pressure washer less effective. As the minerals buildup, the lifespan of the equipment will be shorter. If you use a commercial water softener and do not properly dispose of the waste, you can end up with a large fine for brine waste. We recommend using electronic desclaers instead.

    These involve two coils that are electromagnetic. They are wrapped around the pipes and help to soften the water. This changes tap water on a molecular level, which means that minerals will not affect your machine or the chemicals you are using.

  7. Be Careful When Injecting Two Chemicals at Once
  8. In may be that your cleaning job requires several chemicals to get the job done. However, do not put them together into one tank – this can cause a dangerous chemical reaction. In some cases, chemical reactions can result in explosions. In less serious situations, it can result in burns or less effective chemicals. If you are going to use more than one chemical, install separate pressure washer chemical injectors for each chemical.