Get the Simple Tips You Need for Graffiti Removal


Get the Simple Tips You Need for Graffiti Removal

Get the Simple Tips You Need for Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is more than an inconvenience. If it’s on personal property, it can reduce the value of that property. When it is on a commercial property, it can keep customers or clients from doing business the company in question. It seems obvious that anyone who had graffiti on their property would work to remove the graffiti, but it is not always that simple.

At Geyser Equipment we often hear that clients do not know how to remove graffiti. They do not want to pay to have another company do it and so they simply paint over it, which does not work, or they learn to live with it. The good news is that we offer two graffiti removal products: World’s Best and Sand Blasters. If you have questions about these products, call us at 951-509-9269. Otherwise, read on to get tips on how to best remove graffiti.

Use a Pressure Washer

Trying to remove graffiti without a pressure washer is time consuming, frustrating, and not very effective. We recommend always using a pressure washer. If you are worried about it doing damage to your surface, test a small area first to make sure you find the right pressure. As you clean off the graffiti, use different types of spray patterns to ensure you are not etching the graffiti paint into the surface. If there are masonry areas that can be damaged, be especially careful with them.

Low PSI is Generally the Right Choice for Removing Graffiti

If possible, use just water to get rid of the graffiti. This helps reduce wear and tear on your building and makes it much easier to deal with water runoff. If you do have stubborn layers of paint that will not come off, then use graffiti removal chemicals to do so. We recommend only using about 80 PSI on most surfaces. This delivers the removal product best – if you use a PSI that’s too high, the chemicals can be driven into the masonry and stain.

Watch Your Angle When Removing Graffiti

Finally, make sure that you are directing the pressure washer at a steep angle toward the surface you want to clean. Keep the wand close to the wall. Doing this helps chip and peel away the graffiti paint without damaging the underlying surface. We do not recommend that you spray the graffiti head on – once again, this can push the paint into the surface you are trying to clean.

We Can Help You Find the Right Equipment and Resources

If you have graffiti to remove and aren’t sure how to get started, reach out to Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269 to learn more. We can help you find the right equipment and put you in touch with the resources you need. We are standing by to provide our expert advice.