How Long Does Pressure Washing Equipment Last and Other Answers to Questions


How Long Does Pressure Washing Equipment Last and Other Answers to Questions

How Long Does Pressure Washing Equipment Last and Other Answers to Questions

If you are in the market to buy a pressure washer then you likely have many questions. At Geyser Equipment we have heard them all and are ready to answer yours. Keep reading to get answers or call us at 951-509-9269 if your question is not answered or if you need to learn more about how you can purchase the right equipment.

How Long Does Pressure Washing Equipment Last?

It depends on the pressure washing equipment you purchase. New pressure washers will be rated with a number of hours they should last. For example, if it is rated 500 hours and you use it fewer than 50 hours throughout the year then it will last you more than ten years as long as you keep it well maintained. If you plan to use it more frequently you may choose an option that is rated for 2,000 hours or even higher.

How Big of a Unit Should I Get?

Once again, that depends greatly on your needs and your price range. Think of it this way: A gas-powered pressure washer with 13 horsepower is going to clean your driveway about ten times faster than a small electric pressure washer would. While it won’t cost ten times as much, it will be more expensive. You will need to compare the cost and the benefit to find the right balance for you. We can help.

Do I Need to Use a Detergent with My Pressure Washer?

It depends. What type of pressure washer do you have? How powerful is it? Is it a hot water or cold water pressure washer? What are you trying to clean? Is the substance you need to remove greasy or oily? These and other questions will determine if it is necessary for you to use a detergent or cleaning with your pressure washer.

In some cases, you will need nothing but hot water. In others, a detergent can significantly speed up the process of cleaning and do a better job removing tough stains. We recommend first applying the detergent on a low-pressure spray. Then give it some time to break down the dirt and grime before washing it off with a higher-pressure spray. If this doesn’t work then you can repeat.

How Do I Find the Right Pressure Washer?

Call Geyser Equipment. We are standing by to give you the advice you need to find the right unit. Whether for residential or industrial use, whether for daily or yearly use, we can help you. We can also go over the accessory options so you have all the facts on what is available to you. Call us now at 951-509-9269 and we can get started.