How to Wash the Exterior of Your Home with a Pressure Washer


How to Wash the Exterior of Your Home with a Pressure Washer

How to Wash the Exterior of Your Home with a Pressure Washer

Washing the exterior of your home is a great use for your new pressure washer, but at Geyser Equipment we want to ensure that you are doing it correctly. If you have questions about what pressure washer equipment or accessories you may need, feel free to contact Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269. Otherwise, read on to get some tips for power washing your house.

Prepare Your Power Washer

First, get your pressure washer out and set up. How to do that will depend on what type and size is it. If it’s electric, get it plugged into an outlet within a reasonable distance. Then stretch out your hose to ensure there are no kinks in it. Attach the wand to the end of the house, and attach that hose to the pressure washer. We recommend using a 45-degree nozzle for washing your home. Make sure that you have this nozzle secured properly.

Then connect a garden hose to the water supply on your house, and to the pressure washer. Turn on the water and get the pressure washer started. Do not allow the pressure washer to sit idling for more than two minutes without pulling the trigger to release pressure. If you do, the pressure can get to be so much that the unit overheats, which could cause serious damage to the unit.

Follow Safety Advice

Remember that one of the most important things to do when pressure washing your home is to stay safe. First, make sure you have the necessary ladder. If you are going to be doing a two- or three-story home, make sure there is someone else there to hold the latter while you are on it. Do not point the pressure wand at anyone. The reason pressure washers work so well is that they offer an extreme amount of water pressure – and it can do injury if not handled correctly.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Substances

If you are just dealing with typical road dust or field dust on your home, then you likely do not need any detergent at all – just pressure and water. However, if you live in an area with a lot of humidity then it is likely you will have some amount of mold and algae. To get rid of this, take a five-gallon bucket and fill it within 3.5 gallons of water. Then add one gallon of bleach and one-half cup of your favorite laundry detergent. Mix it thoroughly and then use a pump sprayer to put it on the areas you are about to pressure wash.

Start the process by pressure washing a single side of the house and start at the highest point to work down. Start at the left and work right. Make sure your nozzle stays about 12 inches from the surface of the hose, and add cleaning solution as needed.