Is Wastewater from Your Pressure Washing Process Shaving Away Your Profits? We Can Help


Is Wastewater from Your Pressure Washing Process Shaving Away Your Profits? We Can Help

Is Wastewater from Your Pressure Washing Process Shaving Away Your Profits? We Can Help

If your job requires pressure washing and you are dealing with expensive methods of getting rid of wastewater, then you will be glad you have found Geyser Equipment. Keep reading to find out about some of the wastewater recycling options we offer and then contact us at 951-509-9269 for help.

Wastewater Can Contain Many Dangerous Chemicals

Depending on the type of work you are doing, wastewater can contain grease, oil, and even suspended solids. Getting rid of this water can be a challenge because it is not as simple as rinsing it down a drain. There are many options but for many companies, recycling is the best option.

Wastewater Evaporation May Not Be the Best Option

It is true that wastewater evaporation may be an option – but it may not be the best one. Evaporation takes a lot of energy and if you require air permits, then restrictions on this can make it both difficult and expensive for you to simply boil away your wastewater. As the government makes it harder and harder to get rid of industrial wastewater, options like evaporation get harder year after year.

Even if it is feasible to evaporate much of the water, you then have to remove the remaining debris and dispose of it offsite. This is yet another cost that is growing each year as limitations make it even harder to get the right options done.

We Offer a Water Recycling System That Could Be the Answer You Are Looking For

At Geyser Equipment we specialize in pressure washers, equipment, and accessories. We know the best options for each individual application. If you are in the business of using a pressure washer and need a water recycler, there is no better company to call than Geyser Equipment.

In fact, water recycling systems can help industrial water cleaning applications in a number of ways. First and foremost, they get rid of runoff from your washing activities. This is an essential step in ensuring you remain in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Second, depending on what your water has been cleaning, it may be able to get rid of oil and particles so that you can reuse the water. At a minimum, you will have a much easier time disposing of the water once it has been cleaned. Think about how much money you spend on money and how much you could save if some of that could be recycled.

If you are ready to hear more about your water recycling options, we are ready to talk to you. Contact Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269 now and we can answer all your questions.