Learn About the Bolt and Go Convenience of our Newest Transport Skid


Learn About the Bolt and Go Convenience of our Newest Transport Skid

Learn About the Bolt and Go Convenience of our Newest Transport Skid

If you are considering investing in a pressure washer but worry that you cannot get it into the remote sites you need to use it in, then our newest transport skid, the ProTowWash, may be just what you are looking for. Keeping reading to learn more about this particular option, and then contact Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269 for answers to your questions or to find out more about your other options.

The Basics of the ProTowWash

If we can put it into one sentence, our ProTowWash brings you true bolt-and-go convenience. You do not need to invest in expensive installation jobs. You do not need to have a custom installation made. Instead, this option has the water tank and power washer already attached securely to the tank skid frame. The only thing you have to do is bolt it to the floor.

This Appliance is All About the Options

This is a truly versatile skid tank that lets you wash at remote sites even when a water supply is not available or is simply not convenient. It is such a compact design that you can mount in in several ways. Perhaps you want to mount it between the wheel wells of your standard pick-up – you can. If you want to mount it side by side, or even across, an eight-foot wide flatbed, that is an option too. You can even install it in an enclosed trailer.

As if this doesn’t bring enough convenience, consider that you can also unbolt it and remove it when you need to free up room wherever you have it mounted, whether on your trailer or truck. We can assist with helping you get the optional mounting equipment as needed.

More Features of the ProTowWash

The list of features included in this appliance is long and includes:

  • Remote Cleaning. Who says you need to be near a water source to clean effectively? This product allows you to clean in even the most remote of areas. If you can get the transport skid there, then you can use it to clean – regardless of water source.
  • Versatile Compact Design. This is a twofer. First, it is such a compact design that it can easily slide right into the bed of any standard pickup truck. If you choose the advanced T270T model then you will need a long bed pickup, but the sliding is still easy. Second, it is versatile enough that it can be removed from the truck when not in use.
  • Inlet plumbing. You do not want to deal with pump damage caused by cavitation or contamination, and our inlet plumbing system is set up accordingly. It has been designed to match up with the pressure washer to prevent this type of pump damage.
  • Portability. You get true portability. What do we mean by this? We are talking about forklift clearance and even access holes for mounting.

Do you have questions about this or other products from Geyser Equipment? Contact us now at 951-509-9269 to get answers and assistance.