Learn How to Choose the Right Water Recovery System for Your Needs


Learn How to Choose the Right Water Recovery System for Your Needs

Learn How to Choose the Right Water Recovery System for Your Needs

There are a variety of reasons to utilize an industrial pressure washer, but they all have one major drawback: wastewater. It may not be safe – or even legal – to let it flow into the landscape or sewage, depending on the sort of soil or contaminant in it. The good news is that we offer a wide choice of water treatment products at Geyser Equipment that can help you. Continue reading to learn more about them, and then contact us if you have any questions.

With a water recovery system, you may capture and reuse additional wastewater

Water recovery technologies are available that can catch and remove wastewater. You have complete control over where it is disposed of as a result of this. If you’re working with hazardous chemicals or toxic cleansers, this can be the best solution. You can collect the water and dispose of it according to applicable environmental standards.

A water recycler could be the most cost-effective solution for you

After you’ve gathered the water, you might want to think about recycling it. Separating oil and particulates from water is how water recyclers function. This makes it clean enough to walk on again in the future. If you have the correct equipment, it can collect and store your runoff. Even if you don’t utilize the recycled water for anything else, the fact that the oil and particles have been removed from it may make it easier to dispose of.

Water evaporators are a fantastic way to get rid of excess water

A water evaporator may be the best option if you don’t want to pay fees to dispose of your wash water. It is capable of removing the majority of the water in an environmentally friendly manner. In reality, it will cut the quantity of wastewater produced by roughly 95%. It works by heating the water with either gas or electricity (depending on your preference) and then evaporating it. You’re left with simply the waste, and you don’t have to bother about storing water, transferring water, or dealing with it in any other way.

To discover more about your choices, contact us now

What is the most appropriate water recovery solution for your requirements? This is dependent on a number of things. What kind of possible pollutants do you deal with on a daily basis? How much water do you have to deal with on a regular basis? How frequently do you require it?

We recommend contacting Geyser Equipment if you want to learn more about the possibilities and seek guidance on which one will work best for you. Pressure washers and accessories are our specialty. We’ve seen a wide range of water systems and can match you with the proper one. To learn more, give us a call at 951-509-9269.