Prevent Permanent Graffiti Damage by Following These Tips


Prevent Permanent Graffiti Damage by Following These Tips

Learn how to prevent permanent graffiti damage by using surface protection films, getting the right graffiti removal tools, and other tips. No property owner wants graffiti to damage their building, yet it happens every day. It might seem like it is a never-ending process that you simply cannot win, but the truth is that there are steps you can take to prevent permanent damage. Keep reading to learn what they are and contact Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269 for help if you decide that a power washer is one of the tools that will work for you.

Use Graffiti Removal Tools as Soon as You See the Graffiti

The main thing to remember is that if you see the graffiti, you should drop whatever you are doing and treat the graffiti. We recommend using one of the graffiti removal products from Geyser Equipment. Call us if you need assistance determining which will be best for your particular type of property.

Apply a Surface Protection Film

Windows are often one of the most difficult places to remove graffiti from, but surface protection films make it much easier by offering a physical layer of protection to prevent scratches, gouges, acid etching, and, yes, graffiti. These can also be used on windows and certain wall surfaces. They are easy to remove and replace if they do get covered in graffiti.

Add Flood Lights

Graffiti painters are much more likely to strike in dark areas where they stand a lower chance of being caught. If possible, add floodlights so that they will be illuminated while they work. You can add motion sensor lights that only come on when someone is present.

Install Security Cameras

There are two main ways that security cameras can add protection for you. First, they can prevent someone from choosing your property for graffiti. After all, if they have a choice of a property with no security cameras and one that does have security cameras, which one do you think they would be more likely to choose?

Second, if they chose your building anyway, you can show the recorded footage to the authorities. Not only will this potentially result in penalties for the criminal, but it can discourage others from choosing your property once they know cameras are there.

Add Anti-Graffiti Paint

Not all paint is the perfect canvas for spray paint. When you add anti-graffiti paint, it provides a protective coating that can keep materials that were used for tagging from bonding to the surface of the building. There are many types of anti-graffiti paint that can make a difference.

While it is a great idea to look for ways to reduce the chance that graffiti will stick around, it is equally important to know that you can quickly clean up any graffiti that gets through. To do this, contact Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269 and invest in graffiti-cleaning machines.