Think of All the Ways a Custom Pressure Washing Equipment Trailer Could Help You


Think of All the Ways a Custom Pressure Washing Equipment Trailer Could Help You

Think of All the Ways a Custom Pressure Washing Equipment Trailer Could Help You

After you’ve spent money on your own pressure washing equipment, the last thing you want to do is load it up on an old trailer. You need a quality custom trailer that protect your equipment, ensure it’s easy to transport to and from job sites, and that it looks both professional and organized.

When it comes to custom trailers, you have a lot of alternatives, but there are a lot of reasons to choose Geyser Equipment. We’ll go over some of them when we talk about the possibilities, but keep in mind that we’ve been planning and creating these for quite some time. We’ve created a simplified method to guarantee you receive exactly what you want – a long-lasting, well-made trailer that’s tailored to your specific requirements.

We can offer you with whatever sort of trailer you require

When it comes to bespoke trailers, you have a lot of possibilities. Do you want one that can be towed, for example? Or do you like one that is built into the bed of your truck? Both offer benefits, but the best option will be determined by the circumstances of your needs. We’ll go through all of the prospective items you’ll need a location for after you’ve made the fundamental selections, including:

  • The actual pressure cleaning equipment
  • All of your equipment’s extras
  • The storage tank for water
  • A Generator
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Any type of water recovery system
  • We may add whatever more you need because this trailer will be custom designed and manufactured

The TRV 3500 series might be just what you need

While we can create a bespoke trailer for you, starting with one that is already part of a series is usually the best choice. The TRV-3500 option is a tough one. It’s constructed from a 24-inch 10-gauge formed channel. Then there’s a wheel and axle system with leaf spring suspension that can support up to 3,500 pounds. The whole thing rides on white-rimmed 15-inch wheels. It’s completed with a power-coated epoxy for ultimate weather protection.

The ECOS mobile wash and reclamation system is a great option

ECOS is an eco-friendly, patent-pending mobile wash and recover system developed by the Landa karcher Group. On its tandem-axle trailer, it employs a hot water pressure washing system, as well as a wash water collection system and a filter system. If you choose to utilize this system, you may recycle and reuse your waste water to save money on water and minimize the quantity of water that is released into the sewer. We may add any features you want to make it ideal for your requirements.

To discover more about your ideal custom trailer, contact us now

The bottom line is that the best way for you to find exactly what you want is to reach out to Geyser Equipment at 951-509-9269. We can listen to your specific requirements, weigh your choices, and devise a strategy that will result in the ideal bespoke water pressure trailer for your requirements.