What Not to Pressure Wash: 5 Things To Keep Away From Your Pressure Washer


What Not to Pressure Wash: 5 Things To Keep Away From Your Pressure Washer

What Not to Pressure Wash: 5 Things To Keep Away From Your Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is an important piece of equipment for maintaining your house. But remember that a pressure washer can occasionally cause more damage than good. Every year, homeowners misuse pressure washers they own or have recently rented, resulting in significant damage to their homes, gardens, and buildings. The main reason we always suggest to our clients use a professional pressure washing service to clean their homes is the harm they cause.

With a good hose-down, many household items can be cleaned with ease. Lounge chairs, glass windows, kids’ playthings, and wooden deck furniture are a few examples. These five items are not suitable for pressure washing.

Electrical meters and panels

Electrical junctions and circuits are frequently found in fixtures outside of homes, and they are typically made to withstand rain and snow. However, excessive pressure from the pressure washer nozzle applied to a specific area can forcefully seep into cracks and crevices and result in electrocutions or even electrical blackouts. Electrical equipment inside the home or nearby items may also sustain damage from electrical short circuits brought on by water seepage. Due to the high cost of electrical repairs, we advise against pressure washing electrical panels and meters.

HVAC units

Evaporators and other delicate electrical parts make up an air conditioner unit. Very low water pressure is necessary to clean an air conditioner unit. The evaporator fins may bend due to pressure washing the unit, restricting airflow and reducing cooling efficiency and lifespan. Similarly, pressure washing can ruin important parts and necessitate needless, costly repairs.

Plants and living creatures

Although this is obvious, it should still be mentioned. Never use pressure washers on domesticated pets, plants, or animals. The soft and delicate nature of human and animal skin makes it vulnerable to injury from excessive pressure from a pressure washer nozzle. Since plants are also delicate, pressure washing them can damage their leaves or even cause them to perish prematurely.


The glass may crack and break as a result of high pressure. By shattering the glass or causing a seal leak, a pressure washer on a glass window may do more harm than good. The best recommendation is to simply wash the window panes with a bucket of soapy water and a soft cloth. Power washing windows should only be done by qualified professionals who have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that damage is avoided.

Inside a car’s engine

Our cars have complex electrical, piping, and wiring systems. The engine bay contains all of these. The chassis totally shield this region. The piping may come off, the components may become loose and fall off or fail, and the wiring may be cut. High-pressure washing can cause some essential parts to malfunction, resulting in a loss of control while operating the vehicle and accidents. Never use a high-pressure washer to clean the area around your engine bay.

Pressure Washing Solutions

Remember the top five things you shouldn’t pressure wash if you want to finish a cleaning task quickly or find a simple way to clean a dirty wall or car. At Geyser Equipment, we have the perfect pressure washer for your project. Call 951-509-9269 today.