Which Accessories Are the Perfect Choice for Your Pressure Washer?


Which Accessories Are the Perfect Choice for Your Pressure Washer?

Which Accessories Are the Perfect Choice for Your Pressure Washer?

You want to reassure your customers that their pressure washer isn’t a one-time use item when you promote to them. They can be used for anything from graffiti removal to roof cleaning, as you may know. However, in some circumstances, a few accessories are required to get the most out of a machine.

We’ve been in this business for decades at Geyser Equipment. We’ve spent that time researching all of the available pressure washer attachments and working hard to present our customers with the greatest possible options. Read on to discover more about the best options, and call us at 951-509-9269 if you have any questions. The more accessories you have on hand – and the more you know about how they function – the more likely you are to not just make sales, but also to upsell.

Cleaners for surfaces

Surface cleansers are great because they make cleaning concrete so simple. Say goodbye to a sore back and hours spent washing the concrete. Our Mosmatic surface cleaners can clean concrete faster than you may think – and they’re as simple to use as a lawn mower.

Reels for hoses

There isn’t a single hose reel that is ideal for every client. Instead, we provide a variety of hose reels that work well depending on the type of job a firm or individual is performing. Whatever solution is picked, there’s no denying that using the proper hose reel makes cleaning and transporting water pressure hoses considerably easier.

Roto nozzles

Operator fatigue before they can finish the task and nozzles not spraying a large enough stream are two issues that prevent pressure washers from being as effective as they could be. Both of these problems can be solved using a roto nozzle. They considerably reduce operator fatigue while significantly improving cleaning outcomes. How? By rotating a 15-degree jet of water around the operator.

Sandblasting kits

We’re delighted to provide a one-of-a-kind graffiti cleaning kit at Geyser Equipment. We are, however, pleased to provide sand blaster kits, which can transform any power washer into one of the most powerful graffiti removal weapons available. These are also incredibly portable and can help you make a lot more money with your water pressure business.

Extending wands

What would you be able to accomplish if your water pressure washer had a reach of up to 24 feet longer than it does now? That’s possible with our strong extension wands. A pressure washer makes it simple to get into practically any location.

Is there a particular pressure washer accessory you’re looking for? This is only a sample of the possibilities. If you have any issues or require an additional accessory, please contact us at 951-509-9269.