Which of These 3 Water Evaporators is Right for You?


Which of These 3 Water Evaporators is Right for You?

Which of These 3 Water Evaporators is Right for You?

Those who are in the business of industrial water cleaning know how important it is to have the right water evaporator. Without it, you could end up paying large fees to get rid of waste water. Even worse, you could face fines for not properly disposing of water. At Geyser Equipment we are proud to offer machines that can get rid of your water and could result in savings of up to 95% compared to what you currently pay in disposal fees.

All it involves is heating the water with a gas or electric burner until it evaporates. If you are interested in learning more about the process then we suggest you contact us at 951-509-9269 with any of your questions. In the meantime, if you want to find the right water evaporator for your needs, we suggest you keep reading to learn about three of the most popular Water Maze products.

  1. The HBG Conventional Wastewater Evaporator

  2. If you want to eliminate excess industrial wastewater, then a product from Water Maze may be just what you need. This line uses conventional hot-plate technology in conjunction with their unique high-efficiency combustion chamber. Just how successful is it? It can get rid of between 90 and 95% of waste stream which leaves you with just 5 – 10% to dispose of. We offer three models of the HBG evaporators in 8, 15, and 30 gallon per hour capacity.

  3. The WB High-Efficiency Wastewater Evaporator

  4. WB stands for Water Blaze. This line was introduced more than 25 years ago and was the first evaporator that used high-efficiency submerged combustion technology. What does that mean? It means that it forces heat into a submerged tube via release directly into the water. The result is a 100% heat exchanger efficiency – which means a huge cost savings to the user. We have two models of this product, one with 60 gallon per hour capacity and the other with 120 gallon per hour capacity.

  5. The Evaporator Belt

  6. For a truly economical option, the evaporator belt is a great choice. However, this is only for very low volumes of wastewater. It would not be conducive to industrial or high-volume water disposal. To use it, you get a 55-gallon steel drum and wrap this evaporator belt around it. It slowly heats any non-flammable liquid up to as high as 250F. this evaporates the liquid and only sludge or solids are left. This is very easy to use and control piece of equipment that weighs less than 15 pounds.

Are you not sure which option is best for you? Do you need to find the price on the right product? Then you should be glad you’ve found Geyser Equipment. Contact us at 951-509-9269 today and we can get started on finding you just what you need.