Which Pressure Washer Is Better for You: Hot Water or Cold Water?


Which Pressure Washer Is Better for You: Hot Water or Cold Water?

Which Pressure Washer Is Better for You: Hot Water or Cold Water?

Whether you already know you need a new pressure washer or simply want to learn more about new models, you’ve come to the right place! Buying a new pressure washer is both exciting and intimidating, but we’re here to help with the latter.

You want the most powerful cleaning machine on the market, but first, you must decide whether to use a cold or hot pressure washer. It’s more than just water temperature and pressure; you should consider why you’re using your pressure washer.

Your answers to these questions will determine whether you require a cold or hot pressure washer. There are a few things to think about before buying.

Hot-Water Pressure Washers

Have you ever tried cold water to clean oil and grease from a pan in your kitchen? You most likely did not have much luck. The same reasoning applies to pressure washers.

Hot-water pressure washers are designed to cut through oil and grease accumulated on various surfaces. Because of the heat, it distributes breaks down the bonds that exist on a molecular level in oil and grease and can rid surfaces of bacteria, algae, and other things more effectively. Hot-water pressure washers are distinguished by the combination of heat, agitation, and soap.

Hot-water pressure washers, typically larger than their cold-water counterparts, also use pressurized water to clean surfaces and produce water heated to temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes hot-water pressure washers more effective at removing oil, grease, and other contaminants from various surfaces.

The cleaning power is the most significant difference between cold and hot pressure washers. When you need it the most, hot water provides extra cleaning power.

These washers are generally better options in cold-weather climates where water lines may freeze. Some hot-water washers can also meet food processing sanitation requirements, making them a viable option for certain food service applications.

Cold-Water Pressure Washers

Clean filth and grime off surfaces with cold-water pressure washers. With a cold-water pressure washer in hand, you can clean everything from concrete driveways to metal vehicles.

Cold pressure washers rely on the pressurized water created by the machine to break up any debris on a surface. Still, hot-water pressure washers receive much of their enhanced cleaning ability from the hot water itself. To wash surfaces more efficiently, add detergent to the mix.

If you need to clean surfaces that have been covered in filth and mud, a cold-water wash will do the trick. Cold-water pressure washing can remove soil without the additional cost of hot-water pressure washing.

Furthermore, some surfaces, such as wood or plastics, are better suited to cold water than hot water. As a result, one of the greatest ways to power wash decks, siding, and even cars and boats is with cold water.

A cold-water pressure washer’s only flaw is that it can’t clean oil and grease like a hot-water one.

How To Pick The Right Pressure Washer

Now that we’ve determined the advantages and disadvantages of each method, it’s time to decide which pressure washer is best for you. Making the wrong decision might cost your organization financially and in terms of client happiness.

To discover your exact requirements, ask yourself these five questions:

What Industry Am I In?

Though not the be-all and end-all, considering your sector is a reasonably simple approach to choose between hot and cold pressure washers. The expanded cleaning capabilities of hot pressure washers are anticipated to assist the oil and gas, food service, and waste management industries, which frequently deal with caked-on grease, oil, and dirt. Meanwhile, those who use a pressure washer for transportation, agriculture, or personal usage can typically blast dirt away with a cold pressure washer.

What Is My Budget?

Another thing to think about is the price. Pressure washers that use hot water might cost three times as much as cold water. This is due to the machine’s direct expenditures and the indirect costs of constantly heating water throughout the operation, which necessitates more mechanical components and greater fuel costs.

What Do I Need My Pressure Washer For?

If you buy the wrong pressure washer, you’ll end up with a machine that can’t do the job you need it to do, or you’ll waste money by using one that’s too powerful for the job. As a result, you must consider what you are cleaning.

  • Hot Pressure Washers – for cleaning engines, automobile parts, and anything else that has oil or grease on it.
  • Cold Pressure Washers – blast away sand, caked-on dirt, and even paint.

Still Not Sure Which Pressure Washer Is Right For You?

If you’re still struggling to select the best pressure washer for your specific needs, our team at Geyser Equipment is happy to help. We have the best selection of cold and hot-water pressure washers in CA.

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